Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our First Terrier

Well Katie Bell (now just Katie) left on a Saturday morning and later that night a Cairn Terrier mix named Gregor moved in. I was a little bit hesitant because Ive never spent much time with a terrier. Gregor lived in a shelter in Idaho for a long time before he was brought into foster care and at 1.5 years old he has never had a real home. Despite his rough start in life, he is a very happy boy. He loves people and racing around at the park with other dogs.

He came with absolutely no obedience training and no house manners. He learned quickly not to bolt out of his crate and to sit at the back door before being let outside. The thing I learned about terriers is that they dont love to be trained. He often just gets bored or distracted during a training session and wanders off. His adorable little scruffy face makes up for the frustrations I have had with training him though.

Gregor has had three families interested in him. The craziest thing about these three families is that they are all female only households. Gregor must be very attractive to the ladies!

The first couple that met him came over with their terrier mix. They had an unhealthy obsession with making sure that their dog and Gregor played and wrestled immediately after meeting each other. They wanted a dog to entertain the dog they already had! Their dog was not well trained and was generally out of control. The icing on the cake was when Gregor rolled on his back for a belly rub and they saw his male parts. They said "ewww its soooo big". They spend a few minutes studying his parts in awe. Apparently they had never seen a penis before. Did I say that was the icing on the cake? No maybe this was....They wanted to take him for awhile to see how well he did at entertaining their dog and if he didnt work out they wouldnt be willing to keep him until he found a home.

The second couple was much much better. They have a border collie who seems well adjusted, which is saying a lot for this over the top breed living in a pet home. They really liked him and would be a great home for him. He will also be meeting a wonderful potential home this weekend. A veternarian that loves terriers that also happens to be a friend of a friend! It doesnt get much better than that for Gregor! We are crossing our fingers for him and hoping he will make a good impression.

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