Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gregor finds his forever home!

And it is literally perfect. It I had to describe what I thought would be a perfect home for him, this one would match up exactly. Gregor is a little bit reactive around new dogs especially on leash and when his new family came to meet him we happened to be at a flyball tournament, which is filled with lots of dogs on leashes. He was very overwhelmed and getting a growly with other dogs. We talked a bit about how to deal with this issue and they seemed very comfortable with managing it.

They brought the other three terriers they own....all Cairn terrier mixes. Gregor fit in perfectly with this pack and had a blast running around with the youngest. They were all buddies within just a few minutes. It was almost immediate that they knew he was going to join the pack permanently.

Gregor is going to his new home tonight and after the Holidays we look forward to our next foster dog!

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