Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our First Foster Puppy - Scout

After our trip to Mount Rainier for Christmas and a flyball tournament for New Years in Phoenix, we were ready for our next foster dog. A litter of puppies from Taiwan had come in while we were out of town and were in need of foster.

We were given, Scout, the most mature of his littermates. He is such a wonderful puppy! He is not a sports potential at all, but he has plenty of energy and really knows how to calm down in the house. He happily settles down in his puppy pen and chews on a bone or just relaxes. He is quiet in his crate and only had one accident in the house, which was totally our fault.

Puppies really go fast! We have had him for less than one week and he already found his forever family! A lovely mother and daughter that live one block from Greenlake and just adore him. The 9 year old daughter was so excited to meet him and from what Ive heard has been talking about him since she met him yesterday.

So, Scouts long journey from Taiwan is finally over and he is going home tomorrow! He are soo happy for him.

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