Friday, May 27, 2011

just another red chihuahua

Before my daughter Finley was born, we placed another little Taiwan dog, which was over a year ago. Life was a bit of a blur for 6 months or so with the chaos of a new baby and a new dog for our family.

For the past 3 weeks we have had a little chihuahua mix named Cher AKA "Chair Bear". Aside from her high pitched bark and her lack of recall, she was wonderful. She was totally silent in her crate all night and house trained! She loved to get outside and run around (on leash), but also to cuddle in our laps.

We almost sent her back after a week or so because she was a bolter. She got out of the house on 3 separate occasions and the last time I almost didn't get her back. Instead of giving her back, we decide to do some intensive recall training. We worked on it daily for awhile. After a short time, she would come RUNNING to us from across the house. We also taught her to wait at the front door with success.

The craziest thing about Cher is that she was here for 3 weeks. She was here long than any other foster and she was one of the best we've had (if not the best). It's probably because she isn't especially unique looking. One family came to meet her, said they really liked her and needed to think about it...we never heard back. lovely couple from Port Angeles came with their older golden retriever to meet Cher. We met at the dog park in Edmonds and they loved her!

I am sad to see her go, mainly because I'll miss having a little lap warmer, but also because we are going to get a little 8 month old puppy that isn't house trained at all. Pax (our newish whippet) will be very sad, as they were best friends.

Bye Chair Bear! We will miss you and wish you luck in your new home!

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